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Lullingstone Secret/Out of the Smoke SPECIAL OFFER



“The Lullingstone Secret” is recommended for those aged 7-11, and is a story based on the momentous archaeological discovery of secrets hidden in the grand Roman Villa at Lullingstone, Kent, by Colonel Meates and his team in 1949. Readers will learn about Roman Britain and about the spread of Christianity here long before Augustine’s mission in 597.

Featuring an illustrated map to help children follow the events of the story, a fascinating postscript about the Villa, and a timeline featuring events from the story in historical context, this exciting story follows the lives of young Lydia and Balbus, as they puzzle over a missing family treasure and a runaway tutor, later learning of a mysterious life-changing book from Rome that has brought great happiness to many.

For older readers, aged 11-14, we are very happy to recommend “Out of the Smoke”.

Plunged into the criminal underworld of Victorian London, Billy the chimney sweep knows he must fight—or die. But with notorious gang leader Archie Miller closing in on him, every turn he takes only leads to more trouble.

When the ‘Poor Man’s Earl’ offers Billy a chance to exchange his gangland life for an education, Billy must decide if his pride is too high a price to pay, and whether turning on Archie will mean freedom—or certain death.

This is a thrilling story of faith and survival, based on the work of the Seventh Earl of Shaftesbury. It is aimed at those of secondary school age, but is equally enjoyable for adults to read.

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