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Go Teach New Book 5 (Young Teens)

For teaching those in the early years of secondary school. Each book contains the material to teach 16 Bible lessons.

For each lesson it provides:

  • clearly stated teaching and response aims
  • thorough notes for the teacher's preparation
  • a clear, easy-to-use lesson outline
  • a verse to learn to summarise the teaching
  • discussion points
  • suggested follow-up activities

Each book contains copiable resources which are also available on the Visual Aids CD and download.

BOOK FIVE (New for Spring 2020)

Contains four series:

‘Jesus helps children’ (Gospels), ‘People Jesus met’ (Gospels), ‘The Ten Commandments’,
‘Jesus gives his life’ (Easter)


1. Jesus heals the daughter of a Canaanite woman – Matthew 15:21–28

2. Jesus raises Jairus’ daughter from the dead – Mark 5:21–24, 35–43

3. Jesus heals a royal official’s son – John 4:43–54

4. Jesus heals a boy with an evil spirit – Mark 9:14–29

(For Beginners and Primaries there is a lesson on Mark 10:13–16)


5. Nicodemus – John 3:1–15

6. The woman of Samaria – John 4:4–30, 39–42


7. Sinai – Exodus 19; 20:18–22

8. No other Gods – Illustrated by the fall of Dagon – Exodus 20:3; 1 Samuel 5:1–6:12

9. No images of God – Illustrated by the Golden Calf – Exodus 20:4–6; Exodus 32:1–35

10. Honour God’s name – Illustrated by Job’s faithfulness – Exodus 20:7; Job 1:1–2:13

11. Remember the Sabbath Day – Illustrated by Christ’s teaching – Exodus 20:8, Matthew 12:1–14

12. Honour your parents – Illustrated by the rebellion of Absalom – Exodus 20:12, 2 Samuel 15:1–16


13. The last supper – Luke 22:7–20

14. Jesus condemned before Pilate – Matthew 27:11–31

15. Jesus’ death and resurrection – Mark 15:21–16:8

16. Jesus appears to Thomas – John 20:19–31


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