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Go Teach Book 8 (Young Teens)

For teaching those in the early years of secondary school. Each book contains the material to teach 16 Bible lessons.
For each lesson it provides:
  • clearly stated teaching and response aims
  • thorough notes for the teacher's preparation
  • a clear, easy-to-use lesson outline
  • a verse to learn to summarise the teaching
  • discussion points
  • suggested follow-up activities
Each book contains copiable resources which are also available on the Visual Aids CD.
Book Eight
1 Samuel Hannah
2 Samuel Samuel & Eli
3 Samuel King demanded
4 Paul Conversion
5 Paul Damascus/Antioch
6 Paul Cyprus
7 Paul Lystra
8 Paul Vision/Lydia
9 Paul Philippian jailer
10 Saul Anointed
11 Saul Serving
12 Saul Rejected
13 Easter Footwashing
14 Easter Judas
15 Easter  Cross & tomb
16 Easter  Emmaus road

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