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Go Teach Book 6 (Toddlers)

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Book 6 of our 6-book syllabus which is designed for use in crèches, playgroups, nursery schools and toddler groups. This book contains lessons on “Animals in the Bible” and “Children in the Bible”.
Lessons 1-13:
Animals in the Bible
1. The big fish     Jonah 1–2
2. Fed by the ravens     1 Kings 17:1-6
3. The lost sheep     Luke 15:1-7
4. Jesus rides a donkey     Matthew 21:1-11
5. Peter hears the cockerel     Luke 22:54-62
6. Paul is bitten by a snake     Acts 28:1-6
Children in the Bible
7. Moses – the baby found in the river     Exodus 1:1—2:20 
8. Samuel – a voice in the night     1 Samuel 2:18-21; 3:1-18
9. Naaman’s maid     2 Kings 5:1-16
10. Josiah – a boy who was king     2 Chronicles 34
11. Jesus – a boy who wanted to know more     Luke 2:39-52
12. The boy who went to sleep     Acts 20:7-12
13. Paul’s nephew    Acts 23:12-22
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