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*NOTE* - This product is a Digital Download only, and NOT a physical item.

We are very thankful to Rebecca Sheldon for writing this series of discussional worksheets for teens, and we hope that we may be able to bring you more in future.

Many young people and teens in our churches may have already given their lives to Christ. These worksheets, and we hope future products, are designed more for them—but of course, they are suitable for anyone who is interested in the Christian faith no matter what their age.  As always, these lessons are easily adaptable to suit your target audience, it may just need a little bit of imagination from you!

Each sheet refers the student to a number of Bible passages to investigate, followed by a number of questions which can be answered individually or in a group. Each sheet concludes with either a suggested prayer or prayer topics. These sheets can be used with any Bible version, but Scripture quotations are from The ESV Bible®.

What you get:

  • Introduction with suggestions;
  • Ten A4 full-colour two-sided printable worksheets;
  • Also provided in black and white;
  • A4 and A3 printable publicity posters if you want to run it as a course;
  • Rights to print as many copies as you require for your home, school, or church.

The topics of the worksheets:

  1. God loves you
  2. Be like Jesus
  3. Confess sin
  4. Desire to be holy
  5. Encourage one another
  6. Forgive
  7. Give all
  8. Put God first
  9. Remember what God has done
  10. Trust God with everything
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