Run The Race

Go Teach and Child Evangelism Fellowship have combined their expertise in children's ministry to publish a new Holiday Bible Club. Run the Race takes up the Biblical theme of comparing the Christian life to a race:

Jesus, the Supreme Champion: he finished his own special race for us, so that we can begin ours

Philip and the Ethiopian: the Bible is important for learning what Jesus has done so we can join the race

Saul (Paul): we need to start on the right track by trusting in Christ alone

Peter: we can keep on track and stay in the race with God's help

Stephen: we finish the race when we go to heaven.

Run the Race comes complete with a Teachers guide containing activity sheets for 5- 11 year olds, game and craft ideas, ideas for a family event and much more, as well as a visual aids book complete with 30 A3 full-colour pictures to help teach the stories. There is also a free disc containing all the visual aids in colour and black and white, the theme song for the week, memory verse PowerPoints and much more!


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