Go Teach New Book 1 (Primaries)

For teaching children in the early years of schooling. Each book contains the material to teach 16 Bible lessons.

For each lesson it provides:

  • clearly stated teaching and response aims
  • thorough notes for the teacher's preparation
  • a clear, easy-to-use lesson outline
  • a verse to learn to summarise the teaching
  • suggested follow-up activities

Each book contains copiable resources which are also available on the Visual Aids CD. 


Book One

God makes the world 

1. In the beginning Genesis 1:1–25

2. God made people Genesis 1:26–2:25

3. God’s world is spoiled Genesis 3

4. Two different brothers Genesis 4:1–16

Learning to trust in Jesus 

5. Don’t forget God Luke 12:13–21

6. Two houses Matthew 7:24–29

7. Sowing and growing Luke 8:1–15

 God makes the world 

8. Noah builds an ark Genesis 6:9–7:22

9. Noah comes out of the ark Genesis 8:1–9:17 

10. Many different voices Genesis 11:1–9

 Learning to trust in Jesus 

11. The lost sheep Luke 15:1–7 

12. The lost coin Luke 15:8–10

13. The lost son Luke 15:11-32

 Jesus is born 

14. A special baby Luke 1:5–25, 57–66

15. Jesus: a very special baby Luke 1:26–56

16. The birth of Jesus Luke 2:1–7