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Go Teach Book 1 (Toddlers)

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Book 1 of our 6-book syllabus which is designed for use in crèches, playgroups, nursery schools and toddler groups. This book contains the story of Philip, Creation, the fall, God's rules, God provides, Jesus the Son of God and others.
Lessons 1-13:
Finding out about God
1. Philip helps a stranger Acts 8:26-40
2. God makes the world Genesis 1:1-25
3. God makes Adam and Eve Genesis 1:26—2:25
4. Adam and Eve disobey God Genesis 3
5. Noah goes into the ark Genesis 6:11-22; 7:24
6. Noah comes out of the ark Genesis 8:1—9:17
7. Abram goes on a journey Genesis 12:1-8
8. Moses and the hungry crowd Exodus 16
9. Moses goes up a mountain Exodus 19:3-19; 20:1
10. Achan disobeys God Joshua 7
11. Jacob has a dream Genesis 28:10-18
12. A message for Mary Luke 1:26-56
13. Shepherds visit baby Jesus Luke 2:8-20